Jaton Industrial Tank Liners

Tank Lining Information

Water storage tanks are manufactured with a corrosion resistant lining. The corrosion resistant lining inside a water storage tank serves two very important purposes. It protects the client from the potentially dangerous effects of an unlined or poorly maintained tank as well as safeguards the structural integrity of the tank. Once the original corrosion resistant lining begins to fail the steel shell will begin to deteriorate. If not maintained, the steel tank will deteriorate to a point that it cannot be repaired and replacement of the vessel would be required.

Typically, the supply of new equipment is not easily facilitated. Often the building is constructed around your equipment. Due to the lack of access to the installation areas, installation costs usually exceed the cost of the equipment. On average, replacement costs are five times more expensive. This timely and costly undertaking can be negated with properly maintained equipment. Our services will significantly extend the life of your equipment and assure that your water source will not be contaminated or interrupted.