Jaton Industrial Tank Liners

Our Company

Jaton has established itself as an industry leading tank lining company providing total maintenance solutions for water heaters / storage tanks. We combine the highest quality materials and unprecedented standards in workmanship to achieve the problem free service our clients expect. We provide our valued services throughout the United States.

Jaton made a strategic business decision to partner with Patterson-Kelley / Pocono Fabricators. For over half a century, Patterson-Kelley / Pocono Fabricators’ have been manufacturing Pre-Krete corrosion resistant linings that solve or prevent corrosion problems in many industries. We are confident that their experience in providing customers with protective lining solutions greatly enhances our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Safety is an integral part of our business. Unlike typical mechanical work our work is performed inside the vessel. Continuous training, Confined Space certification, and specialty safety equipment provide the foundation for our specialized work to be performed. We maintain a “Confined Space Program” as required by state and federal government agencies.

At Jaton we systematically examine each project, provide resourceful solutions, and work very closely with our clients. This enables us to exceed all of our clients’ expectations. Our markets range greatly in size from local businesses to government agencies; we have the experience and expertise to meet your particular needs.



At this time, we have no openings available. If you would like to submit your resume to Jaton for future reference, please send an email to careers@jatonlinings.com.