Jaton Industrial Tank Liners

External Assessments

The most effective way to assist our clients is to first perform a full assessment.  You will be provided with a detailed report including full recommendations.  This report is a valued resource.  It allows our clients to plan and budget the required resources necessary to facilitate the assurance that their hot water supply will be safe and uninterrupted.

With our external assessments we can determine the age and condition of the equipment. Most tanks that we service are “ASME Code” vessels and carry an “ASME Nameplate”. From this we can determine the tank manufacturer, date of manufacture, and secure additional construction details. These details would include design rating calculations, temperature rating calculations, as manufactured metal thickness, and the anticipated corrosion allowances.
In addition to these details it allows us to inspect the work area and determine accessibility in regard to vehicles, materials, equipment and manpower. This important information will enable us to provide you with firm pricing for any services that we offer.

Other Services: